I listened to a rant the other day by people promoting a certain lifestyle that is not promoted in the Bible and I thought to myself: why is this lifestyle being promoted?

Their motive for this rant seemed pure. In their speech, I could hear compassion for the oppressed and mistreated. I thought to myself: I admire their passionate intercession for these often mistreated and poorly spoken of people; they have recognized that no-one should be disrespected for any reason.





Then I realized that instead of simply encouraging the ones who were oppressed, and instead of rebuking the insults and cruel behaviors of their oppressors, these people were going to the opposite extreme of the oppressors: they were promoting the lifestyle rather than defending the person alone; they were taking up the cause of the lifestyle rather than taking up the cause of the person’s very existence. God created all, so His cause for our life should be taken up, not the various lifestyles that people indulge in.

As an example, when I was a little boy (all the way until I was 16), I found it very natural to steal whatever my heart desired. I thought I did it in a way that was ethical since I only stole from organizations that were millions of dollars rich. I felt justified in a lifestyle that is not and never will be promoted by God. Praise God that I had people to defend me when my life spiraled out of control at the age of 16. These people did not defend my lifestyle but only me for me. They instructed me to fight against my natural urge to steal and to learn how to love others in a way that is beneficial for all—in such a way as to edify both God and man.

It should be this same way with any who are oppressed: they should be defended but not their lifestyle; only God’s lifestyle should be promoted. The Bible contains God’s Word in a pure form that can lead us to the most satisfying lifestyle: the fountain of life who is Jesus.

None of us are perfectly in alignment with God’s plan for us. It is not natural, with a sin nature, to choose to live in accordance with God’s plan for us; and yet, still, we are able to align ourselves ever more with God. Let us not settle for living as is natural to us, but let us constantly be exercising our will—drawing it evermore into a place that agrees with God’s Word. Stick up for the oppressed, but don’t promote the lifestyle of any human being because there is none found worthy except Jesus.

In brotherly love,
Nate Rottinghaus