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Somewhere close to 3,200 years ago, our Father began to reveal his Word in writing to the descendants of one God-honoring man named Abraham. Over the years, people grew increasingly ignorant of God’s love for them and chose death-causing sin in place of our Father’s unfailing love. This infuriated God. He hated seeing his creation stray from the perfect plans he had for them.

About 2,000 years ago, God’s compassion for creation was manifest in his being born by his Holy Spirit through a virgin who we call Mary. He became an incarnate God, fully manifest in one man’s body. In the English speaking world, we know this incarnate God by the name Jesus. He maintained an unglorified appearance in this body so that others might believe in him on account of his goodness and not because of their own lust for glory.

A little over 30 years after his birth as a human, God satisfied his wrath against sin by using sinners to murder his incarnate body in the most brutal way known at that time: he was beaten beyond recognition, mocked and cursed, and then nailed to the infamous cross to suffer for 6 hours before deciding that his wrath against sin had been satisfied.

On the 3rd day after being murdered, God restored his incarnate body and went to those who truly loved him (aka those who knew that this man Jesus was the incarnate Word of God). God then spent some time explaining to these lovers of God how the Bible reveals Jesus to us.

After explaining these things, God ascended into heaven promising to return to them in the form of the Holy Spirit and to dwell in all who will accept the revelation of Jesus and live by his Word (this requires knowing and doing his will).

A week after his ascension into heaven, 7 weeks after his crucifixion, God fulfilled his promise and descended on his people in the form of the Holy Spirit.

This is where this blog comes in (about 2,000 years later). I have commmitted myself to journeying through God’s confirmed Word (the 66 books of the Christian Bible) once every 7 weeks in English (I like the TNIV because it is worded in very modern and yet fairly grammatically accurate language).

My hope is that each time I go through the Bible in this way, I will gain a new revelation of Jesus. My hope is that I will begin to understand what Jesus’ disciples experienced between the time of Jesus’ crucifixion and between the time when the Holy Spirit descended on them after his ascension to heaven. My hope is that I will see the power of God break loose in our generation in a way that I have never before even imagined.